Stories of Change

August 16, 2017

A story of re-joining education and inspiration….

Pooja Jaiswar comes from a very humble background and lives in Vatsalatai Nagar a slum area in Mumbai with her parents and four siblings. Father runs a small tailoring business and mother is a house-wife who looks after the daily chores at home. Two of Pooja’s elder brothers have moved out of their house and settled outside Mumbai for their jobs. Pooja’s eldest brother works in his friend’s cloths store and contributes very little to their family’s expenses.When Pooja was pursuing her SYB.Com, her father had a long spell of sickness as he was suffering from malaria and dengue.
August 16, 2017

A story of grit and resilience….

Khemchand Ramlal Kurdia, is the youngest of the 3 siblings and stayed with his parents in a low-income community in Chembur area of Mumbai. His elder brother moved to another city permanently after he got married and the elder sister lived with them. Khemchand’s father had a small business of making shoes and mother used to work as a domestic help to support the family.When Khemchand was in grade 12, his father passed away due to severe illness which was a big shock to the family. Grief-stricken Khemchand barely managed to complete his 12th grade.
August 16, 2017

A story of journey towards independence and responsibility…

Mamta Kanwar Shekhawat, lives with her parents and 4 brothers, total 9 members in a small one room house in Prakash Mill Compound area in Lower Parel. Mamta’s father hails from Rajasthan and moved to Mumbai for seeking employment. Having completed his education only till grade 4, he worked in a mill and started his family in Mumbai. Mamta’s mother has never been to school and always stayed at home to look after her children especially Mamta’s younger brother who is differently abled.