Story of Supriya Patil

Living in a family of four wherein her parents mostly aren’t able to work because of health issues, her older brother took up the responsibility of looking after the family’s needs. 

This is the journey of Supriya aged 22, who is from Khar, Maharashtra. Sharing household responsibilities, studying despite several roots of disturbances and having realized what an impact financial strain can have very early, Reshma strived to change the course of her family’s life by joining Bright Future.

Initially a shy student who kept her views and thoughts to herself, Reshma found herself stepping out of her shell and imbibing confidence incrementally with the mentors’ support. “I always knew that I have to work hard to make it big in my life but had no clue how to do that. Bright future helped me and pushed me in every way and supported me every day even if I failed,” she shared. Her transition into a person who didn’t fear judgement and could take up the role of a leader surprised her upon introspection. 

As she takes steps towards a work life at Reliance, she feels excited and glad that she has achieved qualities which shall guide her in doing her best for herself as well as her loved ones. 

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