Story of Shipra Dubey

Shipra’s Father told her about the youth development training center of Bright Future.

Shipra’s Father told her about the youth development training center of Bright Future. She had recently completed her higher secondary education and had plenty of free time, but she had no guidance on how to use it. But after discussing with a few of her friends she decided to visit Bright Future’s Youth Training center in Kandivali.

Although she had some theoretical understanding of utilizing computer programs, she was eager to join in the course after meeting the facilitators and getting an overview of the courses and their structure. Shipra along with her friends started attending training for six months. She was keen on learning more about CRS after being introduced to all the courses.

At Bright Future, she was trained during mock interviews which helped to prepare with her  areas of interest. With each learning exercise, her confidence increased. Her family always supported her choices and pushed her to advance in her training. 

Shipra confidently attended the placement interviews at Bright Future and even secured a job at Pizza Hut. She is supporting her studies with the income she derives by working part time at Pizza Hut. Since she can practically implement the working knowledge of the courses she learnt while her training, the collective experience is helping her to productively complete her Bachelors’ Degree of Commerce.

Two months into working at Pizza Hut, she underwent her brain tumor treatment. But she has rejoined working and has completed her 7th month with Pizza Hut. She is driven to learn and to meet her educational demands. Her affiliation with Bright Future had the unexpected effect of speeding up her dreams for success.

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