Bright Future empowers youth to make informed decisions about their career and thus enables them to transform their passion into gainful employment through life skills development, career development, mentoring support, internships and placement opportunities.

Bright Future also builds capacities of key stakeholders like parents and schools who play an instrumental role in creating a conducive environment for enabling youth to take informed decisions independently pertaining to their career and life.

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The Problem

According to a study which was conducted in February 2009 by New Resolution India in the South Mumbai’s urban communities on the problem of Aimless Education in society following issues were observed.

After interacting with Youth and Key stakeholders who play an instrumental role in creating an enabling environment for Youth the following issues were found:

What we do?

Bright Future believes that lack of conducive environment and positive role models have led to the problem of aimless education. As a response to the problem, Bright Future works with children and young adolescents in the age group of 13 – 25 through the programs run in low-income private schools and communities in the cities of Mumbai and Thane. To empower youth and adolescents, Bright Future runs the following programs.


Since inception in 2009, Bright Future has actively engaged youth, parents, schools, teachers and mentors through its work

Stories of Change

We are proud of the achievements of our Aspirants who have fought against all odds and inspire many others like them.

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