Story of Kailash Prajapat

Kailash Prajapat was born and raised in Sipur (Rajasthan). He is pursuing B.A. from Hadarani University (Udaipur). His aspiration is to start his own business in the future as he is learning and developing skills by doing a job of a Customer Service Associate. His mother is a house wife from Kheda, and his father is a tea stall owner in Vile Parle- East, running his business for the last 40 years. Kailash is the youngest among the siblings.

Kailash completed the ITEs (Information Technology Enabled Service) course by Tech Mahindra Foundation (TMF) and Bright Future. He is a shy village boy who always showed interest in new learnings and is open to participation in various activities. Kailash, whenever asked to do some task at the SMART center, is always welcoming and displays leadership qualities. He completes his work diligently, while also helping his father at the tea stall. He is also using and developing his skills as a Customer Service Associate at Reliance Mart.

Kailash came to know about the course through his father as the tea stall is near the center. Belonging to a small village from Rajasthan, he never thought that the course at the center would also lead him to a job. Now, Kailash is motivated and excited to start his first job in the city of dreams. As compared to his siblings he found a better job, which he is proud of. He will be supporting his family financially and also pursuing distance education.

Before working through this course, Kailash was low in confidence and found it difficult to make friends and understand the Mumbai culture. Socially, he felt alone and left out. Bright Future and TMF assisted him in learning english communication, inculcating computer skills, and cost-free ITEs certification which helped in getting a job of his interest.
Eventually, he wishes to help expand his father’s business and his project supervisors say that Kailash is like waves that start their journey from Rajasthan to Mumbai and don’t wish to stop for anything or anyone. He is here to win and grow.

Kailash’s job is a big financial support to the family as due to corona, his father’s business has gone down. His family is proud and overwhelmed by their son’s opportunity to work and gain financial freedom.
Kailash is someone who does not like to wait, but rather strives and thrives for more to achieve bigger goals. Kailash is now more confident and clear about his wish to complete his education along with a job.

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