Story of Netra More

A 19 year old girl resides in Vikhroli Parksite , she has completed her Graduation  from Ramanand Arya Dav College Bhandup, In her family there are a total 4  members: father , mother , 1 brother . In her family her father works as a driver and takes care of the family.She got to know about HDFC Bright Future through her friend’s reference. She got to learn about sales and different things related to sales, how to work with  people in the hospitality sector;  and about customer service. Communication IT skills  and self grooming skills . 

After the completion of the course, Netra got a job at ICICI Lombard house , and she is earning INR 21,704 /- per month. This way she is able to help with finances at home. She is now financially independent and contributes to the financial well being of the family.

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