Story of Suraj Yadav

Story of Mamta Chauhan

Story of Pooja Mhaske

Story of Saraswati Sonkamble

Story of Shipra Dubey

Story of Suman Morya

Imagine reaching an interview 4 hours late because your family is not supportive of your career! This is the life of Suman Maurya, a life dictated within 4 walls of her home by an orthodox father who discontinued her education post clearing her 7th grade exams. For him, being literate was a full stop and …

Story of Netra More

A 19 year old girl resides in Vikhroli Parksite , she has completed her Graduation from Ramanand Arya Dav College Bhandup, In her family there are a total 4 members: father , mother , 1 brother . In her family her father works as a driver and takes care of the family..

Story of Tariq Usmani

It is but true that discipline has a lot to do with self-improvement and living a life more fulfilling as well as least troublesome for others around you. Once you focus on what you need to change in order to become a better version of yourself, put discipline into the frame and the difference in …

Story of Supriya Patil

Living in a family of four wherein her parents mostly aren’t able to work because of health issues, her older brother took up the responsibility of looking after the family’s needs. This is the journey of Supriya aged 22, who is from Khar, Maharashtra. Sharing household responsibilities, studying despite several roots of disturbances and having …

Story of Reshma Raut

The progress made by 23 year old Reshma Raut is an exemplary one. She lives in Jogeshwari where her mother is a house helper and her father is a painter. Since a very young age, due to her mother’s occupation, Reshma had to take care of household chores, balance her studies and often deal with …

Story of Kailash Prajapat

Kailash Prajapat was born and raised in Sipur (Rajasthan). He is pursuing B.A. from Hadarani University (Udaipur). His aspiration is to start his own business in the future as he is learning and developing skills by doing a job of a Customer Service Associate. His mother is a house wife from Kheda, and his father …