Story of Pooja Mhaske

Pooja and her family have had struggles with financial stability. They discussed their financial struggles but amongst and limited to their immediate relatives. 

Pooja is the elder one between the two siblings and her younger brother is completing his studies.

After her Higher Secondary Education, she was on the lookout for a job. Even though her family had struggles with financial stability, she never talked about resolving the struggles with any elder person she knew.

Pooja was approached by some agencies who promised employment to her but she felt about them. She expressed being relieved after having met Pravin, a social worker at Bright Future during community mobilization. 

After learning about the training plans and placement opportunity Pooja was convinced to enroll herself.

She enrolled with a few friends and started attending the training. The practical

exercises as a part of training instilled confidence in her. The challenge of studying in a vernacular language didn’t scare her anymore, with frequent instances during training where she presented and participated in dialogues

with the batch mates, helped her prepare for the job market.

She started paying attention to her appearance because taking care of herself also helps her feel good.

Pooja expressed her gratitude for receiving training at Bright Future since it played a key role in helping her secure employment and the capacity to support her family and her brother’s education.

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