Story of Reshma Raut

The progress made by 23 year old Reshma Raut is an exemplary one. She lives in Jogeshwari where her mother is a house helper and her father is a painter. Since a very young age, due to her mother’s occupation, Reshma had to take care of household chores, balance her studies and often deal with issues from the neighbours. Within this time, she also identified that she would get frustrated easily and was afraid she’d become argumentative. But looking at the circumstances, she was indeed a child with burdensome responsibilities. “My life revolves around my family and study. Managing both was difficult and I failed in exams. But I made sure to not give up ever in life. Every day I wished to get a good job so that my mother can get a break from her work as she is working nonstop,” shares Reshma.

After joining Bright Future and interacting with different people, her gratitude towards her family increased a lot, there was self-realization in terms of her own mental, physical and emotional state, and she learned to calm her anger down in the face of difficulties. 

Now, as Reshma prepares to work at Reliance, she accepts that difficulties and failures are a part of life, but what’s more important is trying again and making it happen. She iterates, “Life is uncertain, don’t question it, struggles are going to be there but face it with a smile and positivity.”

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