Story of Saraswati Sonkamble

Saraswati is 22 years old. She grew up with two brothers and a sister. Saraswati has been close to her sister and she lost her mother a few years ago. Although her sister is married, she has been a resilient source of support for Saraswati. 

After completing her education Saraswati enrolled for a makeup and tailoring course. She also looked out for job opportunities in the cosmetic industry. But she could not find a stable source of income. She was preoccupied with intrusive thoughts, not knowing what she could do. Saraswati found out about the Bright Future through mobilization and upon discussing with her sister she enrolled for the training at Bright Future. 

In order to grow and land a job during Bright Future placements, Saraswati recognised her strengths and opted for the customer relationship service role. After being hired, she has worked at Pizza Hut for six months. She has been juggling her job and her home. 

She is dedicated towards self development. Her steady income from work enables her to make the necessary investments and acquire the necessary expertise for the beauty sector.

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