Social Worker

Location: Bengalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi


The social worker is focused on working with schools, CBTC (Community-based Training Centre) and YDTCs (Youth Development and Training Centres) to drive Bright Future’s programs and initiatives. The purpose of this role is to actively engage with stakeholders effectively to increase their participation in the organization’s programs.

This is in turn will help them to support the adolescents and youth development in the areas of life skills and employability skills. Doing so helps Bright Future realize its vision of connecting education to employability right from the school level.


  1. Conduct community mapping and profiling exercise to identify key
    stakeholders and schools to partner with.
  2. Design and Facilitate the stakeholder engagement activities in line with the
    findings of the above exercise
  3. Organise event/Session/workshop for communities with parents, youth
    groups, NGOs and other stakeholders to build awareness in the community
    through the CBTC – Community Building and Training Center
  4. Create Youth and adolescents and Schools pipeline and data base ready for
    the program to achieve the gaol smoothly with help of alumni and Change Leaders and Stakeholders and Mobilization of youth and adolescents to
    ensure minimum expected enrolments in the programs
  5. Mobilization of youth and adolescents to ensure minimum expected
    enrolments in the programs
  6. Conduct follow-ups on call with children, parents, alumni and other
    stakeholders or home visits to ensure regular attendance of the youth and
    their parents in the program and to proactively address any issues that may
    prevent the same
  7. Coordination with the relevant authorities to get permissions to bring
    aspirants for exposure visits to ensure smooth implementation of exposure
    visits (for both Livelihood and Step to Livelihood programs)
  8. Monitoring of (Drama for Development) D4D activities and handholding
    Change Leaders through the implementation of the D4D program.
  9. Maintain documentation on the program to be inputs into the monitoring
    and evaluation system.
  10. Maintain the data of mobilization, planning, (Social Worker and CL)
    stakeholder forms, community Profile forms, permission letter file, Minutes of
    meetings, Individual meet forms, Photographs of Events, Community Events
    reports, School Profile forms


Best in the Industry


About areas in which there is a need to work with adult stakeholders:
including identifying parents with parenting and other challenges, and how
to educate them on possible solutions.


Qualifications: Master of Social work or Social Sciences
Years of Experience: With minimum of 1 year experience in the community work
or preferably with Youth or Adolescence


  1. Planning and event management skills
  2. Influencing and Counselling skills
  3. Written and Oral Communication
  4. Resource Mobilization
  5. Networking
  6. Excellent in communication with stakeholders
  7. Documentation
  8. Basic Computer Skills (MS Power Point, Excel and Word)
  9. Analytical and Critical thinking skills
  10. Leadership skills
  11. Problem Solving Skills
  12. Strong Interpersonal skill
  13. This role has a requirement of 6 days working