Story of Suraj Yadav

With a family to support, Suraj was on a lookout for a job.His uncle informed him of the Bright Future training initiative. Suraj had an experience of working in the unorganized sector and wasn’t able to willingly continue the job opportunities he independently obtained.

He learned about the training programme that helped the disadvantaged youth from the communities who dropped out of education or were unable to find employment due to gaps in skill development.

Thus after being convinced to enroll for the training program he joined Bright Future. He learnt about career avenues and got access to people who directed him to lookout for opportunities suitable for securing a livelihood considering his interest areas. 

Suraj completed his training at Bright Future and has been working as a Café Executive. As he talked about his six-month work experience, the delight of working in a role that played to his skills was evident.

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