School Program

School Program:

The School Program focuses on creating a conducive environment in school by building capacities of students in grades VIII – X and key stakeholders like parents and teachers for enabling students to make informed decisions pertaining to their further education, career and life. The inputs to the students are through life skills development sessions, career awareness sessions and mentoring sessions to emphasise on the need of identifying their interests and developing the skills to transform their passion into a gainful employment.

We aim to work closely with stakeholders in school especially teachers to facilitate them to deal with the children in more efficient ways and with the principals to build leadership to ensure that they create platforms in schools where children have the opportunities to learn about careers from activities like career exhibitions, career clubs and presentations from experts from different sectors. We also aim to engage with the parents to build their capacity in positive parenting skills, exposure to different educational and career options, and the ways to improve the communication with their children. These initiatives will lead to creating a conducive environment at home, school and in the community.

Bright Future ‘Facilitators’ who have expertise in facilitating life skills and career awareness sessions visit schools and implement the program.