Bright Future believes that lack of conducive environment and positive role models have led to the problem of aimless education. As a response to the problem, Bright Future works with children and young adolescents in the age group of 13 – 25 through the programs run in low-income private schools and communities in the cities of Mumbai and Thane.

Bright Future strives to provide a learning environment for children and youth from marginalised communities to transform their ‘Passion’ into ‘Gainful Employment’ through Career Development, Life Skills Development, Mentoring, Internships and Placement Opportunities. Bright Future also builds capacities of key stakeholders like parents and schools who play an instrumental role in creating a conducive environment at homes, schools and community, for enabling youth to take informed decisions independently pertaining to their career and life.

Outcomes that Bright Future looks forward to achieve:
  • Youth have developed life skills essential for coping with day to day challenges in life
  • Youth have developed a positive attitude towards education & employment
  • Youth engaged in actions/initiatives for addressing issues pertaining to community, school and their life
  • Youth lead and engage others in social initiatives in their community
  • Youth have chosen a career in a field they are passionate about and find it rewarding
  • Youth as positive role models in their own community
  • Primary Stakeholders like parents and teachers related to adolescents and youth have developed positive parenting skills
  • Selected Primary Stakeholders like parents and teachers related to adolescents and youth as Change Leaders are promoting positive parenting skills with other stakeholders
  • Primary Stakeholders like parents and teachers are supportive of the decisions taken by youth
  • A conducive environment that enables a youth to realise his full potential and take informed decisions for themselves

To achieve the outcomes and empower youth and adolescents, Bright Future runs the following programs:

Step to Livelihood (For 13-18 year old Adolescents):

Most of the adolescents with whom we work in this age group are:

  • Dropouts
  • Are at the risk of dropping out from mainstream education and need motivation to continue their further education or
  • Need guidance to pursue their further education and develop a career in a field of their interest.

These adolescents often do not have an environment in which they can develop essential life skills and guidance for further education and choosing a career. Some of them even do not have basic documentation that is required at the time of securing admissions in Colleges or Universities post 18 years of age and also if they have to apply for jobs and start earning.

Bright Future works with the adolescents through its intervention in Schools and Community which are as below:

Livelihood (For 18-25 year old Youth):

Most of the youth with whom we work in this age group are:

  • School or College dropouts or
  • The ones who need to develop skills for taking up jobs and start earning immediately to extend financial support to their families or
  • The ones who need guidance for career development and direction in life

These youth often do not have an environment in which they can develop essential life skills, workplace readiness skills and guidance for choosing a career in the field of their interest. They also lack the exposure to the industry where they will be working in future and a result of which are often low on confidence.

Bright Future works with Youth in the community through an intervention called Livelihood Training program which is run in Youth Development & Training Center (YDTC).