Mission Raahat


Families Reached

While COVID-19 has threatened our lives, the lockdown has further numbed the country.

300+ young people shared their distress

76% of them were affected negatively

28% of them lost their job resulting in no cash in hand

55% of them facing shortage of food and medical supplies

#InThisTogether Bright Future has decided to stand by our young people and communities of Mumbai to fight against the deadly spread of COVID-19.


Collaboration With Community Escosystem


Provide emotional support


Build immunity by ensuring food and essentials  to vulnerable young women, pregnant women and those critically ill


Prevention through awareness and hygiene practices and early identification of illness.

Raahat Provision for One month

Essential Groceries @ Rs.2500

Hygiene Kit @ Rs.700

Mission Raahat Education Support- Internet Access@ Rs.300 per case

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