Mission Raahat 2.0

The situation that has emerged at the community level during the second wave of COVID 19 needs critical attention to ensure ‘Survival Needs’ of people with specific focus on the economically weaker sections of society under the coverage of the intervention.

Lack of access to Emergency Healthcare Services and facilities
Food Relief and Security
Water Sanitation & Hygiene
Adoption of COVID- appropriate practices at family and community level
Fear and lack of awareness about Covid-19 vaccinations

  • Strategic adoption of food relief and security measures to ensure the survival of the most vulnerable and marginalised communities

Food Distribution

Linkage to government schemes

Training and Livelihood support  

  • Improved access to Material, Services, Facilities and Information by the communities to adopt COVID- appropriate practices and access better healthcare facilities during and after the second wave

Distribution of Hygiene Kit

Awareness generation activities

Training and Livelihood support  

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