Drama for Development

Drama for Development (D4D):

Drama for Development is a one year program run in the communities which uses drama as a platform to develop skills that are essential for career and life in adolescents who are in the age group of 13-18 years. It uses the methodology of Awareness, Action and Policy through which children develop awareness about self and issues in the society, plan actions to bring awareness and address these issues. Using the platform of drama, children take initiative and become involved in their community issues. They also conduct rallies and street plays to spread awareness about these issues within the community which helps in developing their communication, problem solving, leadership, team work and social skills. By the time they graduate, they already have certain basic foundations for any further step they need to take towards higher education, livelihood and most importantly growing up as confident socially conscious young citizens.

The program is led by ‘Change Leaders’ who are essentially ex-Aspirants or Alumni of Bright Future’s Livelihood Program who facilitate sessions with the adolescents to equip them with the required knowledge and skills to engage with the community.