A story of re-joining education and inspiration….

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Pooja Jaiswar comes from a very humble background and lives in Vatsalatai Nagar a slum area in Mumbai with her parents and four siblings. Father runs a small tailoring business and mother is a house-wife who looks after the daily chores at home. Two of Pooja’s elder brothers have moved out of their house and settled outside Mumbai for their jobs. Pooja’s eldest brother works in his friend’s cloths store and contributes very little to their family’s expenses.

When Pooja was pursuing her SYB.Com, her father had a long spell of sickness as he was suffering from malaria and dengue. Owing to her father’s illness Pooja could not continue her education and had to drop out from college to look after her younger sister at home. Pooja was very disheartened when she had to leave her college and did not know how she could constructively help her family. This is when she came in contact with Bright Future’s team in the community through a friend. Pooja grabbed this opportunity to upgrade her skills and joined the Youth Development Training Center where she got inputs for developing her personality, being work-ready and also different learning opportunities from guest lecturers who came to the center.

Pooja’s family values were a bit conservative when it came to women in their family which often restricted her mobility, her interaction with boys of her age and the kind of clothes she could wear. During the 3 months training program, Pooja’s parents attended workshops organized for them by Bright Future which helped them to build their perspective about how positive parenting can enable and empower their daughter to be independent as well as responsible. The frequent interactions by Bright Future team with them changed their mindset and they started being more accepting about Pooja’s decision to work post her training program as well as the formal dress code that she will have to wear at her workplace. Pooja meanwhile also started performing well in her Computer lessons as well as her communication skills in English improved. With this new sense of achievement and support from her family, Pooja was very confident and looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life, post the training program. Through Bright Future’s placement assistance, Pooja secured a job as Sales Associate at Big Bazaar in R City Mall in Ghatkopar, Mumbai where she works with few of her batch mates from Bright Future training program.

Pooja now has resumed her studies and is pursuing her graduation while doing her job. She is very hopeful about her future and is once again a cheerful person like before. Pooja also recognizes her responsibility towards society and hence spares some time to participate in Bright Future’s awareness activities through Drama For Development program. Recently, Pooja and her sister Aarti together planned and supported financial expenses of the redevelopment of their house and the joy and pride on the faces of their parents was a sight to behold!!

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